5 Ways Your Brand Can Leverage IGTV

June 24, 2018
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June 24, 2018 Ryan Sprance

5 Ways Your Brand Can Leverage IGTV

1. Vertical video is king.  Stop fighting it.  It’s all about screen real estate.

It’s the age of mobile content consumption and IGTV is the next wave approaching the shore.  IGTV, relying heavily on the vertical video format, is going to feature videos up to an hour in length.  The vertical video format is key, even in the face of all the clamoring against it.  After all, people are watching your videos on their phones.  And without judging people for choosing to forego the minuscule effort it takes to change the physical orientation of a smartphone from vertical to horizontal in order to watch videos which are traditionally filmed in the horizontal orientation, the fact remains that more and more people are choosing to keep their devices in the vertical orientation.  Why doesn’t everybody switch the orientation for a better viewing experience?  Who cares?  It doesn’t actually matter why.  What it ultimately means is that the video you filmed in the horizontal orientation is often being viewed on a phone being held in the vertical orientation.  As such, your video occupies only one-third of the available screen real estate.  Therefore, it’s time to give vertical filming its due.  Right or wrong, catering to the consumer is always right.

2. Create bite-sized value-added content.

Yes, IGTV will allow you to post videos up to an hour in length.  Soon, this will change and the one hour limit will be lifted. But don’t forget the attention spans of your consumers.  They want to see your content.  But they don’t want to miss the bus because of it.  The ratio of length to value is key.  Make your video the appropriate, necessary length.  Yes, some of your videos may be longer.  But the majority of them should be bite-sized.  If the length of the video exceeds the relative value, you’ve failed.  Ultimately, answer the question, “why should they care?” every time you’re focusing your content’s narrative.  Whether it’s sharing a quick DIY makeup tutorial featuring your beauty products or giving your core audience access to discounts, give your consumers a reason to stop scrolling when your videos pop up.  Ask yourself, can this one video actually be two separate videos?  Would there be enough value in each?  If the answer is yes, do it.  Bonus – you now have two bite-sized value-added videos for the price of one.

3. Don’t feel the need to sell all the time.

Calls to action are great.  No part of this article is doubting the CTA’s function in generating revenue.  In fact, the absence of an effective CTA is fatal.  On the flipside, improper use and placement of a CTA can also be fatal.  The current age of brand to consumer content features relatable communications.  Meaning that brands are able to foster relationships with consumers on personal levels.  This is the holy grail of social media marketing.  In the past, your mother may have gone to one particular store because the cashier always complimented her Sunday hats.  Now, people go to Wendy’s because their twitter feed is hilarious.  This wouldn’t be the case if Wendy’s ended each of their tweets with, “Two-for-one burgers.  Eat Fresh.”  This type of explicit CTA would destroy the illusion of the personal relationship Wendy’s forms with their audience.  The CTA is still there, however.  It’s inherent.  Use IGTV to build relationships with your audience instead of always trying to sell them on something.  Make them laugh.  Make them share in your appreciation for things you’re genuinely thankful for.  Show your audience you support them.  And do it without selling them anything.  This way, you’ll form important personal relationships while simultaneously creating the type of implicit CTA which serves as the foundation for extremely effective social media marketing campaigns.

4. Invest in graphics and editing native to IGTV.

If you’re willing to risk making videos with poor production value, then you’re willing to risk losing your audience and prospective consumers alike.  The IGTV format is different.  The graphics and editing techniques you use in your current videos may not render the same on IGTV.  Remember, you need to give your audience members value.  If they’re taking the time to watch your video, what are you giving back in return?  IGTV videos with inconsistent graphics and poor editing?  The fact of the matter is, if you and your competitor are selling the same thing, but, side-by-side, their video looks better on IGTV because they edited properly and used graphics native to the IGTV format, then there’s a good chance they’re going to get the sale.  Make the best videos and increase your chances of keeping and possibly gaining a customer.

5. Be active!  IGTV is a land grab.

Finally, getting in at the start of a social platform that has potentially huge implications is crucial.  True, there is little value today since people are still processing how to leverage this platform.  But when has staying ahead of the curve ever been bad advice?  Making unique, valuable IGTV content will not only distinguish your brand in the new medium, there will no doubt be opportunities to leverage your IGTV viewership to increase your Instagram following, and vice-versa.

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