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Kaihatsu (開発)
1.  to develop or create new technology
2.  to cultivate talent or ability

Like its namesake, Kaihatsu Media specializes in developing your brand, presence and reputation online.  We are a full service Digital Marketing agency focused on developing  brand awareness and sales growth through social media, optimizing digital marketing spend and developing influencer marketing programs.

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Social Media Strategy & Management

Having your business on Social Media is no longer optional. Social Media platforms are the most effective and least expensive way to tell the World your brand story. Managing your online presence is a full-time job. When you align with us, you get the benefit of our team’s expertise in leveraging the maximum potential of Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

We help to organically grow a community that you can convert into traffic and sales. We will study your brand and create a detailed strategy. Posting schedules, content creation, and proper use of hashtags are a science. Outsourcing your Social Media Management to us allows you to focus on running your business. Put this important marketing strategy in the hands of qualified Social Media Marketing professionals.

Influencer Marketing Implementation

On average, Influencer Marketing returns $6.50 for every dollar invested. Influencers have an established following who are engaged and receptive to the content they share.

Kaihatsu Media will seek out the best influencers to represent your brand, negotiate terms on your behalf and manage every detail of the program allowing you to focus on growing your business. Being influencers, we understand how to leverage the most from each partnership.

We have partnered with Julius to provide you with the only 100% vetted Influencer Marketing platform on the market. Get the insights you need to assess what is working and what isn’t. View performance down to the post level and find which content resonates highest, which platform is worth your investment and which influencers you should invest further effort in to really reap the rewards of influencer marketing.

Website Design & Content Marketing

Your website is your base of operations on the web. Every aspect of its design, from the color palette to the mobile architecture, impacts the way your audience and prospective customers interface with your company.

Our approach to every web project starts first and foremost with a discovery session to understand your goals. Then, by combining intuitive design with eye-catching aesthetics, we make sure each aspect of your site contributes to achieving your company’s overall objectives.

Not only can we optimize your e-commerce sales funnel, create an engaging customer experience for your service company in WordPress, and assist in translating your vision into a dynamic, ground-breaking website, we excel in developing a content marketing strategy that will get you noticed.

Video & Photo Content Creation

When you place your product, service, or brand in front of our cameras and drones, you can expect vibrant, stylish, head-turning content which seamlessly integrates your brand’s aesthetic into a visually stunning narrative.

After all, we know that the best brand videos and photographs out there aren’t measured by pixels and frame rates. They’re measured by beats-per-second and held breaths. By repeat plays and clicks for more information.

To us, they’re not just shutter-clicks and red recording buttons. They’re opportunities to push your brand into a whole new spectrum of visibility and magnetize your audience. Our incredible team of photographers, videographers and drone operators are guaranteed to elevate your brand to new heights.

Digital Media Buying & Optimization

Paid digital media can be confusing and expensive. Randomly boosting posts will not create the traction you need to grow your business.

We will assist in designing and storyboarding your company’s narrative and complete A/B testing to find the highest performing content. Our paid digital media experts understand how to design Facebook ads that make an impact. Our team also has extensive knowledge on how to hyper-target your desired customer base.

Kaihatsu Media will take the guesswork out of putting financial resources into paid media. Everything we do is trackable so you can see real-time results giving you confidence that your money is working for you.

Next-generation Immersive 360 Virtual Tours

We offer state of the art immersive 360 virtual tours. These interactive 3D and virtual reality experiences offer print-ready 4K photography. They are ready made to be shared on social media or can be embedded into any website. They can even be linked to Google street maps so your potential customers can virtually walk through your space, separating you from the competition. These tours are perfect for real estate firms, high-end rental properties, retail stores and hotels. The opportunities are endless to immerse your clients into a virtual reality experience.

Our Service
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Our Work


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Ryan Sprance

Founder & Chief Strategist

Ryan is the Founder & Chief Strategist spearheading our direction. He is also the Creator & Editor-In-Chief of men’s lifestyle media brand, Since 2013, Ryan has been building a social media following that reaches over 5 million people each month. He has been featured in Gary Vaynerchuk’s ‘Crushing It’ blog and by Flipboard Business. He is also a Contributing Editor & Speaker for Julius.


Brian Berger

Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel

As Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel, Brian is tasked with overseeing Kaihatsu Media’s day-to-day operations and navigating legal issues. Brian began his career as a trial attorney, but his passion for content creation and storytelling drew his attention to digital marketing. Brian helps set the foundation for Kaihatsu Media to succeed in delivering an unparalleled experience to clients.


Matt Marchese

Head Of Photography

Matt is a lifelong athlete and landscaper turned professional photographer. He believes those influences carry him into his photography as he tries to highlight and showcase the beauty, structure, and motion in his subjects. He also possesses a unique, storyteller’s eye for detail which allows him to reaffirm and reimagine a brand’s identity for audiences across the digital marketing spectrum.

Rian Neil

Rian Neil

Head of Web Development & e-Commerce

Native to Buckeye country. Rian lives with his wife Tara and his two children Charlotte & Ezra. Rian is an e-commerce and web engineer. With over 13 years of commercial experience, he has generated a portfolio of over 1,000 websites. Rian has worked with a variety of mid to high profile clients from around the world; including celebrities, top ranking billboard musicians, government agencies and fortune 500 companies.


Kyle Mogged

Head of Videography

Kyle’s years of experience working as a visual storyteller on Gary Vaynerchuk’s personal branding team has given him a hallowed perspective on how to engage audiences for clients across a spectrum of industries. Equal parts visionary and client-whisperer, his creativity, camera work and production skills enable him to take clients’ visions of branded media content and produce vivid, inspiring videos.


Ryan Battishill

SEO Architect

Ryan is a brand & digital marketing strategist consumed with helping grow businesses through SEO and organic web traffic. Ryan has over 10 years of experience in online traffic generation and helping companies increase their visibility and brand online. He is a creative mind, passionate about design and building businesses through innovative solutions. Ryan actively seeks to create transparency, express gratitude, and showcase humility in all his work.

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